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"Why does my dog do that?"

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Dogs are our family. They are our children. They sleep in our beds, we baby-talk to them, and we buy them the most extravagant dog accessories available.

We treat them like family because they ARE family. They celebrate holidays with us, they travel with us, and make us feel better than most humans do..

BUT.. They also do some pretty strange things that we can't always explain...

So why do they chase cars? Why do they chew our shoes when we're not home ? Why do they dig holes in the garden?

They can't tell us why so we need to ask the experts:

1) Whenever your dog is doing something out of the ordinary (ex: suddenly needing to go pee in the middle of the night, drinking a lot of water, barking or whining without explanation) always consult a veterinarian. Before we assume our dog has a behavioral issue we need to make sure our canine companion is feeling alright physically.

2) Before running to all your friends/family/neighbors and online resources ask yourself, has there been a major life change for you and/or your pup? Have you recently moved? Has someone new recently moved in or out of your home? Have your work or school hours changed? These are just a few common ones but there could be a minor change that hasn't affected you but is affecting your furry friend.

3) A professional dog trainer that specializes in Canine Behavior can help you to understand what what may be affecting Fido. A trainer that is knowledgeable in Canine Communication will work with you and your dog and help you both to communicate better.

There is always an answer to "Why does my dog do that?". The answer might not be simple or easy to correct but we want what's best for our best friend.

Ask your local veterinarian for a trainer referral, or check out IAABC for certified behavioral consultants in your area. Professional dog trainers can be found at APDT or CAPPDT.

Jessica MacGregor, ACDBC, CPDT-KA

Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

Certified Professional Dog Trainer




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