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Spring is here!! (what does that mean for our dog?)

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

What does Spring mean for our 4-legged friends? For some, it may also be putting those winter coats and boots away,. For others, it may mean back to regular walks and dog parks, and comfortably hanging out on the porch or balcony, catching those rays.

But do our dogs really know what's happening? Do they predict the season change like humans do? Do they understand why one day it's raining and the other day it's snowing?

No.. They don't...... And what does that mean for our dog?

With each season change, our dogs go through a lot. And for some it can have a negative effect on their behavior. Going from Winter to Spring brings a lot of new changes for our dogs. Humans don't look the same anymore (gone are the hats, scarves, mittens, coats and boots), the environment doesn't look the same anymore (no more snow!), and their routine is disrupted (regular elimination in the backyard now becomes regular walks on a leash). Dogs thrive with routine and predictability and most dogs need a period of adjustment.

How can we help? One thing we can do is to understand and to anticipate that the season change MAY produce slight behavioral changes in your dog. Also taking the time to focus on proper socialization and training during the adjustment period. Reintroduce your dog to their leash, go for short walks and build up to longer walks (especially if your dog has been cooped up all Winter). Create positive socialization exercises where your dog becomes reintroduced to people and the environment, using positive reinforcement.

Search for a qualified professional trainer that can give you some tips for proper socialization and training, and join a training class! This is a great opportunity for socialization and training in a controlled setting.

Jessica MacGregor. ACDBC, CPDT-KA

Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

Certified Professional Dog Trainer




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